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Discover the Secrets of the Banned Ones to Finally Win at Blackjack

Anyone who knows anything about the game of Blackjack knows that few people actually win on any consistent basis at the Blackjack tables. (You are not one of those lucky few, are you? C'mon, admit it. It's OK. I was in your shoes for the longest time. Read on. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at what I am about to reveal to you. If you are one of those consistent winners, stop reading at once. This website is of no use to you. Get to the Casino at once).

Anyone who knows anything about the game of Blackjack ALSO knows that a select few gamblers around the world are actually banned from the Blackjack tables because they WIN TOO MUCH!

What does this mean to you, you ask? Well, quite frankly, it should mean to you that . . .

You TOO Can Win at Blackjack!!

All you have to do is imitate what these "banned players" are doing and you too will be successful, right? RIGHT!

So what are these banned players doing? Well, they are doing one of three things:
  1. They are cheating
  2. They are doing nothing particularly unusual, but are just simply lucky,
  3. They are playing the game of Blackjack differently than the rest of us.

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Can you beat the dealer!


Are these banned ones cheating? No, they are not. If they were cheating, they would be getting arrested. Cheating is fraudulent and is a criminal offence in most areas. These banned ones are being banned, not arrested. They are not cheating.


Are they simply exceptionally lucky? Fat Chance! The laws of probability dictate that in the long run, all statistical counts will eventually gravitate to their true odds. You can be lucky for a while, but eventually your luck will run out. In any event, the Casinos are not in the business of banning "lucky" players. They ban those that somehow have found a way to beat the Casino fair and square.

If they are not cheating and are not exceptionally lucky, that means they are doing something noticeably different at the casino than your average player. They are obviously using knowledge and techniques that the average player is not aware of.And just what are these techniques, you ask . . .


These banned players are not simply doing any one thing or utilizing any one technique to win consistently at the Blackjack Table. They are using a whole bunch of techniques together to maximize their chances of winning.

There are three distinct categories of techniques that must be mastered to consistently win money at the Blackjack table:
  1. Basic Strategy
  2. Card Counting, and
  3. Proper Game Management
  4. Skill Camouflaging
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Learn Basic Strategy FOR FREE!

Basic Strategy is a complete set of rules for any and all situations which will be encountered on a Blackjack table. It is usually taught by utilizing detailed strategy charts.

Blackjack is a mathematical game. There are no decisions to be made. Given a dealer upcard and a player's hand, there is ALWAYS a right move. Basic Strategy tells you what that move is. Basic Strategy allows you to minimize the Casino's edge to less than 1%.

Basic Strategy has been around for many years and is based on statistics and computer simulation. It is so essential to winning at the casino that I am offering every visitor of this site an opportunity to learn it FOR FREE.

Basic Strategy is the cornerstone of any successful Blackjack system, but even if you play PERFECT Basic Strategy, the Casino will still have a small edge. What does this mean?

Quite simply, it means that in the long run, YOU WILL LOSE MONEY if all you do is play Basic Strategy.

Did you know that . . .

You Can Have a MATHEMATICAL ADVANTAGE over the Casino!

Yes, it's true, you can actually have a better than 50/50 chance of winning at Blackjack. But you MUST learn to use ALL of the tools available to you including proper Game Management, Card Counting and Skill Camouflaging.

How do I learn a complete strategy with all of the above components, you ask?

Simple . . .Just [click here]



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