Counting Cards:
How to use the information you gather

You are counting cards and are able to identify both favourable and unfavourable conditions. How can you make use of this knowledge now? There are essentially three things that a card counter will do with his card counting information:
  1. He will bet conservatively during unfavourable conditions

  2. He will increase his bets during favourable conditions

  3. He will alter his play from that prescribed by Basic Strategy during particularly favourable conditions (What's that, you don't know what Basic Strategy is? Download our Free Trial Version of BLACKJACK: The Complete Strategy to learn Basic Strategy for FREE [click here]
A card counter who can successfully do the above will actually have a mathematical advantage over the Casino.

So what does all this mean?

Well, without actually screaming it out to you if it is not already obvious, what this should mean to you is that if you are serious about winning at Blackjack, you must learn to count cards!

How do I learn to count cards?

The most popular way to learn to count cards is to enroll in one of the many card counting courses available throughout the world today, including BLACKJACK: The Complete Strategy. Alternatively, you can purchase one of the high-end audio/visual courses available both online and offline. With these sources, you can learn anything from the most simplistic card counting systems to the most difficult and complex systems ever developed. There are many exceptional courses out there and most will teach you how to count cards quite effectively. Unfortunately, there are a few major downfalls to these methods of learning to count cards:
  1. They usually cost a small fortune, many of them in the thousands of dollars

  2. They are usually complicated and difficult to learn

  3. They involve a lot of time to master and constant practice.

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