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BLACKJACK: The Complete Strategy - SECOND EDITIONis a new e-book which utilizes all of the essential techniques used by successful Blackjack players and is immediately available via electronic download.

In addition to a detailed exposition of Basic Strategy, BLACKJACK: The Complete Strategy - SECOND EDITION includes a step by step system for counting cards and a simple and easy to understand game management scheme including proper skill camouflaging. For the beginner, it also includes a basic introduction to the game complete with all rules. As well, it includes detailed Strategy Charts that you can print and keep with you when you gamble.

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BLACKJACK: The Complete Strategy will allow you to . . .

Count Cards to give you an actual ADVANTAGE over the House
  • Discover a simple way to count cards and discover when a Blackjack table is favorable and when it is unfavorable
  • Generate maximum profit when the deck is favorable.
  • Optimize your betting strategy and fine tune your Basic Strategy based on how favorable the deck is at any given moment

Use a Simple yet Powerful Game Management System to maximize your winnings
  • Take your maximum profit from the casino during a winning streak
  • Minimize your losses during a losing streak
Also discover an amazing way in which Progressive Betting can actually keep you winning even after you have reached your target winnings for the night.

Manage Your Blackjack Game Like a Pro
  • Utilize your monetary resources in the most intelligent and resourceful manner possible
  • Decide before you even sit down at a Blackjack table how much money you are going to try to make and have the willpower to stick with your strategy
  • Choose a proper table based on your bankroll and how much money you want to WIN
  • Avoid killer mistakes that can drain your pocket such as Quick Comebacks
  • Ride a winning streak to its utmost potential
  • Disguise your new found skills like a pro so that you don't get banned from the casino.

Integrate ALL of the Tools of Blackjack in one COMPREHENSIVE GAME PLAN to Maximize Your Odds of Winning

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For a limited time, we are able to offer you a few outstanding bonuses worth over $100.00.

Free Bonus #1 (a $50 value): Blackjack Flashcards This is a simple and easy to use program that acts to merely 'flip' cards to practice a counting strategy. An excellent way to hone your counting skills learned with BLACKJACK: The Complete Strategy.

Free Bonus #2: Blackjack Basic Strategy Helper 1.5.1 This valuable program lets you know the perfect Basic Strategy for a given situation at a Blackjack table or while playing Blackjack at an online Casino. It lets you customize the rules to exactly match those for the casino you will be attending. It then allows you to print out Basic Strategy Charts that are customized for the rules of that casino. You can print these and take them along to the casino for perfect Basic Strategy emulation. It also lets you run through various card combinations revealing the proper basic strategy as you play. Great for mastering basic strategy.

Free Bonus #3 Blackjack Tester Demo Software: Test your blackjack strategies with Blackjack Tester. Test virtually any scenario--casino rules, card counts, progressive betting, number of decks, shoe penetration, and more. Select the dealer's up-card and your hard total, and run your test. You can check your overall strategy by running one million hands in less than ten seconds. Blackjack Tester can be beneficial to the novice or expert player.


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