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Blackjack Basic Strategy
Become a professional Blackjack player. Using Blackjack basic strategy can earn you $50 per hour playing Blackjack at the $25 table. If I could show you a way to make $50 per hour playing Blackjack on a consistent basis, would you be interested?

Basic Strategy
Basic Strategy is the optimal way for a player to play his hand given a dealer's upcard and given a particular set of Casino rules.

Blackjack Strategy
Blackjack Strategy implemented properly will yield you a mathematical advantage over the Casino. With proper Blackjack Strategy, you can have a 2% edge over the Casino at Blackjack and win bets on a consistent basis.

Card Counting
Card counting is a procedure whereby a player keeps track of what cards have been dealt out of the deck. The counter uses this information to assist him in making playing decisions.

Progressive Betting
Progressive Betting is a betting system designed to capitalize on Streaks. Using a Progressive Betting system will win you some big dollars when the play is streaky.

Money Management
Money Management is the use of one's monetary resources in the most efficient manner possible. Very few Blackjack players realize how important this tool really is. They figure that as long as they play perfect Basic Strategy and use Card Counting, they will walk away from the Casino with money in their pocket. That is not so.
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Blackjack Basic Strategy can give you a mathematical advantage over the house if you employ an integrated system of tools designed to maximize your advantage. If you play the game without a strategy, you are quite simply setting yourself up for failure.

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